Lilly Jo Czerwinski

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Age: 11

Best competition placement: 1st

Favorite thing about the Focus Climbing Team:  I get to hang with my best friends while I have fun climbing and training

Hardest send

Indoor: v8

Outdoor: ? (v4 or v5)

What are your long term climbing goals? Sending a v8 outside, making USA Climbing Team AGAIN, sending another v8 indoor

What are your short term (2017) climbing goals? Make Nationals this year and get 1st in regionals and divisionals

What was your most embarrassing moment in climbing? When I was climbing and I face planted when I fell

What is your favorite part about competitions? Getting to have candy in ISO and hang out with my friends (going to competitions without my sisters)

What motivates you to train each season? Climbing is fun.  I don’t need motivation.  I do it cause I love it.

Social Media Handle: n/a

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