Monday/Wednesday (4pm-6:30pm)

The focus of this practice is to prepare the kids for the junior competition seasons. Kids will be required to compete in at least one of the competition disciplines,bouldering or difficulty. The physical and mental demands of their climbing and training are the highest at this practice. We focus of competition preparation as the kids on this team not only compete,but are also competitive within their category on a national level. There is even more strength training/conditioning in this practice as the kids will have a firm grasp on advanced movement and technique. Kids are expected to train 2-3 additional days per week with workouts provided by the coach. The ability of climbers in this practice will range from 5.11+ to 5.13 on routes,and V3 to V9 bouldering.

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Monday/Wednesday (4pm-6:30pm)

The focus of this practice is further development of more advanced techniques and movement. During practice,