General Team Information

What is the Focus Climbing Team?

The Focus Climbing Team is a competitive and non-competitive youth climbing team based in Mesa, AZ.  Head coach, Shawn Mohatt, is a passionate rock climber with many years of experience in both climbing and coaching.  With three highly qualified coaches, we will help you son or daughter excel as a climber, whether that is recreationally or as a nationally ranked competitor.


To provide a safe and fun environment that encourages the development of positive attitudes, values, and character.


We will help your son or daughter excel as a climber and grow as a person.  We teach the children how to work toward their specific goals with dedication, perseverance, commitment, and hard work.  We strive to provide opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist and help the children understand the greatest discovery: realizing their own potential.

Getting Started on the Team:

If your son or daughter is interested in joining the team, call the gym at (480) 718-5258 and we will get you started right away.  After processing some quick paperwork, you will be ready to go!


Necessary gear includes rock climbing shoes, a harness, and a chalkbag.  For your comfort and convenience, these items can be purchased at The Focus Climbing Center.

Team Apparel:

The Focus Climbing Team has obtained sponsorship from Madrock.  After one month on the team, all children will receive:

  • Focus t-shirt/tank top
  • Pro-deal pricing on Madrock, Frictionlabs, and Climbskin


USA Climbing (USAC) is the official governing body for the sport of rock climbing within the United States.  Their website is  This organization oversees both the Bouldering (ABS series) and Sport/Speed Climbing (SCS series) competitions.

The bouldering competition season usually begins late September.  Your child must become a USAC member if he or she will be competing in the bouldering series.  You can become a member by clicking here.  This is an annual membership and must be renewed every year in order to compete.  Plan on joining or renewing prior to the first bouldering comp.  Climbers must compete in 2 competitions in order to be eligible to compete in ABS regionals, usually scheduled in December.  A top 10 finish yields qualification to Divisonals.  Another top 6 finish earn a trip to Bouldering Youth Nationals, which takes place late February or early March.

The sport climbing competition season usually begins in January.  Your child must become a USAC member if he or she will be competing in the bouldering series.  You can become a member by clicking here.  This is an annual membership & you must renew every year in order to compete.  Plan on joining or renewing prior to the first difficulty comp, or if your child is competing in both ABS & SCS, you may join both at the same time.  The Focus Climbing Team competes in the Southern Mountain Region.  Climbers must attend 2 local competitions in order to be eligible to compete at regionals, which are usually the 3rd weekend in May.  A top 10 placement at regionals determines who attends divisionals, usually 3-4 weeks later in mid-June.  A top 6 placement at divisionals determines who attends nationals, usually right around July 4th.  Speed climbing competitions run in conjunction with the rope competitions, and are usually not held until regionals and/or divisionals and are a timed race up the wall.

USAC uses letters to designate age categories.  In other words, your child is competing against children close to his or her age.  USA Climbing youth age categories for the 2013-2014 season:

  • Junior: born in 1998 or 1999
  • Youth-A: born in 2000 or 2001
  • Youth-B: born in 2002 or 2003
  • Youth-C: born in 2004 or 2005
  • Youth-D: born in 2006 or later


  • Team dues are processed through The Focus Climbing Center.
  • Personal training sessions: $45/hour for team members, $55/hour for non-team members or adults.  Contact Joe Czerwinski at or call the gym at (480) 718-5258 to schedule a session.