What is the Focus Climbing Team?

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The Focus Climbing Team is a competitive and non-competitive youth climbing team based in Mesa, AZ.  Head coach, Shawn Mohatt, is a passionate rock climber with many years of experience in both climbing and coaching.  With three highly qualified coaches, we will help your son or daughter excel as a climber, whether that is recreationally or as a nationally ranked competitor.

Christina Lehmann (Kat)

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Age: 10

Best competition placement: not sure

Favorite thing about the Focus Climbing Team:

Hardest send

Indoor: v6

Outdoor: n/a

What are your long term climbing goals? Make it to nationals and climb a B3 at Focus

What are your short term (2017) climbing goals? I want to send v8 and do a full back lever and front levee

What was your most embarrassing moment in climbing? My only embarrassing moments in climbing were not being able to find start holds on climbs that were right in front of my face the whole time

What is your favorite part about competitions? Being able to try new climbs even if their not made for me, they’re still fun

What motivates you to train each season? Most motivation comes from my friend’s encouragement and the satisfaction of sending something.  I hope my motivations gives people encouragement to try

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